The Salt Cave Experience

It's nap time! Relax in our zero gravity chairs and warm blankets

It’s nap time! Relax in our zero gravity chairs and warm blankets

Open the door and enter to  experience this unique environment designed to relax and heal.

Designed for Total Relaxation!

Enter through the massive wooden doors inspired by Himalayan meditation rooms, and unwind in a free-floating, zero-gravity lounge chair. Suspended in time for the next 45 minutes, surrounded by the beauty of our pink Himalayan salt, you will emerge restored, relaxed, and rejuvenated!

Breathe in – and feel the micro-particle salt begin to work it’s magic.  If you came in feeling a bit under the weather, you will walk out feeling renewed!

In addition to our salt-lined walls, the Salt Cave climate is controlled by a halogenerator which heats, crushes, and disperses micro-particles of salt into the air.  This allows us to adjust the concentration of salt particles to customize the levels for your therapy.

Our Salt Cave experience is designed for convenience.  There’s no need to change your clothing.

Our Salt Cave is designed to hold up to 12 guests so you may want to call ahead and reserve a spot for the date and time that is most convenient for you. The cave is booked on the hour. You may also book a private session or private party. Looking for a special treat for your wedding party, family members, or friends? The Salt Cave is a great gift to help your guests feel totally relaxed and healthy. Call to book the Salt Cave!

Also, check our website for events hosted in the Salt Cave.


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