Salt Cave FAQ’s

Experience the healing powers of pure Himalayan salt

Experience the healing powers of pure Himalayan salt

Frequently Asked Questions

Salt Cave Therapy is relatively new in the United States.  Many people are aware of the benefits of wet salt therapy, but the benefits of dry salt has not been highly publicized until recently.  Listed below are common questions we have been asked about our Salt Cave.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us!

 Is Salt Cave Therapy safe?

  • Salt Cave therapy is a safe, natural supplement to help with a variety of health conditions. There are no known side effects. 

If someone in the Salt Cave is sick, can I catch what they have?

  • No. The high volume of pure Himalayan salt particles make it impossible for germs, bacteria, or viruses to live.  Therefore, viruses and other airborne germs cannot spread to other guests in the cave.

Can I bring my child into the Salt Cave?

  • Children are welcome in the Salt Cave but must be accompanied by an adult and remain seated. We ask that you respect the privacy and relaxation experience for other guests in the Salt Cave during your session. We also suggest booking a private session for children under the age of 12.  Please see our pricing and policies page for details.

Do I need to book an appointment for a Salt Cave session?

  • We can sometimes accommodate walk-ins , however, the Salt Cave can hold a maximum of 12 guests. We advise that you call ahead and reserve a spot to ensure you can visit on a date and time that is convenient for you.

Can I book a private session in the Cave?

  • Yes, private sessions can be booked. This is a great venue to relax and get ready for a special event. Consider booking a private session for bridal parties, reunions, or proms. Please refer to our Salt Cave price list for booking private sessions.

Do I need to change my clothes to use the Salt Cave?

  • The Salt Cave experience is designed to be hassle-free and convenient.  You do not need to change out of your clothing for your Salt Cave session. However, if there is a specific skin condition that you would like to expose to the salt, we recommend that you wear shorts or tops that expose the area to be treated.  Please speak with one of our staff if you have any concerns or special requests.

How many sessions do I need to get the benefit of the therapy?

  • The number of sessions you may need is dependent on the condition that you would like to treat. Single visit sessions will result in immediate relief from temporary conditions, however, seasonal allergy suffers may want to continue treatment through allergy season.  People with chronic conditions may want to visit on an ongoing basis.  Please refer to our Salt Cave pricing page for more information on options to meet your needs.

Should I consult with my doctor first?

  • If you have any concerns regarding your specific medical condition and Salt Cave therapy treatment, we highly recommend speaking with your doctor before scheduling your session.


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